4 Reasons Lawyers Need to Be Active LinkedIn Users Now (More Than Ever)!

This is Part 1 of a 3-part article that will help attorneys get the most value from their LinkedIn profile. Whether you have never had a profile, or you consider yourself a LinkedIn Power User, you should find the insights in this trilogy valuable.

In Part 1, I discuss why it is more important than ever for attorneys to maintain and active presence on LinkedIn.

In Part 2, I’ll go over what an effective LinkedIn profile includes and other tips on making connections and including LinkedIn as a part of your routine.

In Part 3, we’ll talk about how you can use LinkedIn as a platform to market your personal brand.

4 Reasons Lawyers Need to Be Active LinkedIn Users Now, More Than Ever

If there is one thing that the vast majority of people on this earth can agree on, it’s the fact that 2020 has been less than stellar. For me, other than my beloved Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl, very little has turned out like I would have wanted.

For businesses, the COVID crisis brought on dramatic change faster than anyone could have imagined. Making the adjustments needed to serve clients while working remotely and keep employees safe has been a challenge like few have faced before.

This is true for attorneys and law firms. More than many businesses, law firms have historically been very connected to the traditional office. We have all seen the TV shows — the wall of legal books, the portraits of the founders on the wall and the large conference room table. Clients expect to go to their attorney’s office to get their sage advise and be well treated by staff. All of that has gone away since early March.

Also, for most attorneys, their business development efforts were primarily a one-on-one, in-person affair. Unfortunately, the restaurants, social clubs, and charity events, where a large percentage of these activities traditionally take place, have been, for the most part, unavailable. Anyway, given the circumstances, who wants to meet with anyone right now? When was the last time you met in-person, indoors, with someone that is not a member of your family that you didn’t absolutely have to meet?

All of this being the case further highlights the need for attorneys to not only have a LinkedIn account, but they also need to be active on LinkedIn. “Active” will mean different things to different people. Depending on your practice, personality, comfort with technology, etc., the amount of time and effort you should invest can vary quite a bit.

Outside of what the events of 2020 have done to us, there have always been plenty of good reasons that attorneys should take full advantage of LinkedIn. Here are just a few:

#1 – Your clients are on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has over 171 million members in the US. Nearly 50% of LinkedIn members are active monthly users. 6 out of 10 users actively look to their LinkedIn feed for industry insights. So, if your clients tend to be businesses and other organizations, there is a good chance they are active on LinkedIn.

#2 – LinkedIn is a Great Place to Demonstrate Your Expertise

Everyone is familiar with the term “thought leader”. Being seen as a thought leader in your area of specialization is a huge advantage when it comes to business development. Thought leaders get invited to speak at industry events, go on podcasts, write articles, and sit on boards, all of which lend extraordinary credibility to their experience and expertise. Being regarded as a leading figure in your field could be the reason that a potential client chooses you to handle a new matter versus your competition. Also, having the visibility that comes along with being considered a thought leader is a referral magnet.

#3 – LinkedIn Delivers High-Value Content Specific to Your Interests

When I have my morning coffee and begin my morning routine, I always get on my phone and check out my LinkedIn feed. Rarely does a day go by that I don’t find a few articles of interest. Because your connections are primarily clients, potential clients and colleagues, the news and other information that lands on your LinkedIn feed is going to be very relevant to your practice area or specialization. This not only makes available quality insights that are applicable to your work, but it also saves you time by delivering this information to one spot without you needing to lift a finger.

#4 – LinkedIn Helps You Stay “Top of Mind” With Your Clients

We all know the importance of staying in touch with clients you have done work for in the past. This holds true with referral sources as well. Unfortunately, many attorneys have no plan or system that ensures these lines of communication stay open. By posting articles and sharing posts that deliver insights that your connections value, as well as liking and commenting on their posts, you can easily maintain a solid connection with these people that are so important to the future success of your practice.

These are just four of many ways maintaining an active LinkedIn profile can benefit your practice. As you get more involved, and see how other colleagues use LinkedIn, you will begin to find more and more ways to leverage this resource to growing and maintaining your business.

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