Business Coaching

So, what is a Coaching Call?

Coaching Calls are the framework on which we build all of our services. Coaching Calls are two monthly calls where we identify opportunities for improvement within your practice. We will target areas of your practice where you can realize the most value by setting goals, planning activities, and following up on results. We will schedule an initial call with you early in the month, then follow up with you two weeks later.

What will we discuss on these calls?

We will discuss any issues you are facing and suggest activities that will prove vital to the success of your practice.


Potential topics are:

Business Development – How do you identify potential clients? How do you attract their attention and engage with them?

Marketing – What are you doing to communicate your brand to buyers of legal services? Is it a consistent message across all platforms? Or do you tailor to different communities?

Planning – What is your plan for the next year? Do you have a 5-year plan? A 10-year plan? What is your exit strategy?

Technology – Are your technology solutions meeting your needs? Do they deliver outstanding results and maximize efficiency?

Budgeting and Financials – Are you investing your firm's resources in the areas of most value? How do your financials look compared to similar firms in your area?

The Legal Services Marketplace – What are other attorneys doing to be more competitive? What are the latest, most impactful trends in running a practice like yours?


What will these calls do to help my practice?

These calls make you set aside the time required to focus on matters that may not be urgent but are essential to your firm's success. They allow you to talk with an outside third party that knows the challenges you face as a law firm leader. You will gain valuable insight into how other firms operate and benchmark your performance versus similar practices. They also hold you accountable for making progress toward the goals we set together. Our job is to support you and make sure you get where you want to go.

It will also save you time. Our job is to stay up to date on all the latest thinking in the business of law and pass the best ideas on to you. Think of our team as your 'eyes and ears' on the legal services market.

To allow you to see for yourself, Legato offers a free assessment call. In this call, we will get an idea of the areas of your practice that need attention. Then, based on what the market tells us, we will put together goals and activities that will help you make progress toward your desired outcome. We also offer advice on free or inexpensive tools other attorneys are using to great success. So, what are you waiting for? The assessment is free!

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