Managed Services

For many firms, the task of maintaining the staff and technology required for many back-office services is more than their budget or expertise can handle.  Let the professionals at Legato bear those burdens so you and your team can focus on your practice.


A few of the services that Legato can provide are:

  • Financial Reporting and Accounting
  • Mailroom Services
  • Technology Systems Maintenance
  • Training
  • Off-Site Meeting Planning

Technology Advisory Services

Let our professionals facilitate the evaluation and selection process for virtually any software, hardware, or subscription solution that a modern law firm needs to compete.

Legato has spent 100s of hours working with vendors of all types to get a clear understanding of their solution’s capabilities and what type of firm is best suited for their product.


When you engage Legato to help you vet vendors for a specific project, we can typically have 2-3 fully vetted recommendations delivered within 48 hours of our initial meeting. These vendors will not be some random company that we have in our Rolodex. These will be firms that fit your specific use case with a solution that fits best with your firm size and practice mix.

Some of the solutions and services where we can provide support are:

  • Practice Management Solutions and Software
  • Accounting / Time and Billing Solutions and Software
  • Case Management Software
  • Docketing and Calendaring Solutions and Software
  • Document Management Systems
  • VOIP Phone Systems
  • Document Review Software
  • E-Discovery Processing and Production Software
  • E-Discovery Vendor Selection
  • Audio-Visual Solutions

Who We Help