"Rob is a professional in every sense of the word. He has a keen ability to connect with people and develop high-quality relationships. In addition to his people skills, he is a creative forward-thinking business leader who gets great results."


John Kelly, CEO

"I have known Rob for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of him working for me as well as working alongside him and I would give him my highest recommendation. Rob's ability to grasp technology and adapt to change has served him well as he steadily moved up the chain of command at IKON and then as an owner of C2Legal. Rob is a natural people person with an ability to get results through others...he's a true team leader!"


Terry Vaughan, President / CEO

"Rob is a fantastic sales leader and all-around business person. Rob and I worked in the same company and then later, once he had his own company, he was a client of mine. He has great follow-up. He develops relationships with people easily and naturally. He knows how to stay in the hunt and how to close. People love and respect him."


Steve Koinis, Consultant

"Rob's aim was always to be a trusted advisor to his Law Firm customers. Watching Rob work always served as a personal reminder of the importance of listening. Rob was always able to decipher a customer's pain point and pair it with the relevant solution to alleviate it. We worked together through a period of internal transition. During that period of time, Rob was a steadfast rock to run questions by and to strategize with. His business acumen and knowledge base were invaluable."


William Gorman, Account Executive

"Rob has been an invaluable resource for improving my business development and social media presence, His insight and thought-provoking questions resulted in an improved approach to connecting with existing and potential clients. Five stars for sure."


Todd Shadid, Attorney

"I had the pleasure of working with Rob for several years. The time we spent together were times of transformation in our industry and Rob was on the forward edge of that movement. Pushing his team to learn and explore new technology and then testing and analyzing its practical importance. In addition to being an innovator, Rob is a motivator. He was front and center at all account development initiatives. He drives results through positive feedback, field instruction and training. It was a pleasure to work with Rob and he continues to be a positive influence in my career."


Kris Davis, V.P. of Sales